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Horoscopes Apr 27, By providing specific dates and advice on how you can work with the planets to your advantage, Susan explains. The Year Ahead is the ideal way to prepare for the coming year and the only astrological guide you'll need.

Lovers: They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear

The Year Ahead By all means, do what you can but once this is done — do no more. While Venus retrograde and moving through retrograde shadow is not a good time to begin a new relationship but to review existing ones, this does not mean that partnerships, duos and double acts of any or all description, are off the menu this December.

Scorpio October 2019: The Tale Of Two Lovers Scorpio ❤

After all, you have Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, in your 7 th for the first time in 12 years. This is setting you up to receive benefits of some description of another via a partnership or it will expand the potential of an existing one. Your path to any kind of success in the coming year lies with at least one other person and not going it alone. Keep in mind the embargo on new partnerships of any kind until after the first week of January but until then, look for exciting new beginnings and fresh starts within an existing one.

It appears the day after your ruler has gone direct and this is no coincidence.

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It tells you now to push forward — with caution and willingness to wait if necessary, with those career, business, study, work and communication ventures which involve you and at least one other person. You have a lot of activity right now in your sector of long term career, reputation and rewards. Mars is in here firing up those ambitions and your desire to succeed. Chiron has also re-entered this sector of your chart and allows you to fully embrace your unique take on things — and pass this on so others can benefit.

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Neptune can bring you inspiration, creativity aligned to promoting your purpose and allow you to intuit what your next move should be. Mars and Neptune are conjunct on the day the new Moon appears. Just keep in mind with Mercury and Venus both in retrograde shadow that reversals and renegotiations may continue until the end of December. Especially under a Venus retrograde.

Relationship revivals may continue to be a possibility for some of you right up until the point Venus exits retrograde shadow in January. The one that got away — anyone from a human being to a horse or a job, could reappear now. The unexpected chance encounter or reunion could be your gift this holiday season not only thanks to Jupiter in your 7 th but the Sun in here radiating across to Uranus, back in its ruling 11 th for one final go-around.

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Chances are you are both different this time around which could translate into a very different ending. What has been in abeyance, or just going back and forth without a resolution, could finally be resolved as we arrive at the solstice. The Sun moves out of your 7 th and into your sexy and empowering 8 th where transformations occur.

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This is also the day that Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 7 th indicating a union in the making or a deal about to be done — Mercury has after all, only three days of shadow period left. Jupiter in your 7 th is all about benefits and opportunities that come via someone else. This is the season where money can fly out of the door faster than we earn it.

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Your task is to look at what it buys you — or you buy others as we are talking about giving, that is lasting. People and experiences top your wishlist now when it comes to sharing. What is your money truly buying you? What do you have to give and most importantly, what you are receiving?

You have set everything in motion and all you need to remember that when it comes to partnership matters — is not a year you will walk through alone. December may resurrect an old one. Or take an existing one to a new level. In bold, brave and innovative new ways that open up deeper and more meaningful pathways to love.

And where does this all begin?

With you of course! Because relating to yourself in radical and magical ways is the secret ingredient to getting the love you want from others.

Where does this all start?